Articles from April 2012

A free FortiManager Demo

If you want to have a free ride with FortiManager to se how it looks, Fortinet offers a free portal for you. FortiManager could control all Fortinet security appliances, from FortiClients to FortiGate, FortiMail, etc. Go to this website, fill in your information After filling the form, you could login with this information Site […]

Create and Connect PPTP VPN on iPad 3

Sometimes, you need to connect back to your corporate network from your iPad. Apple iPad 1/2/3 supports VPN Connection that allows you to connect to your corporate network using VPN (PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec – Cisco built-in client) VPN offer you a virtual connection between your device and the corporate network. It means you are […]

Connect to a Windows File Sharing folder from Mac

You love Mac OS and you want to stick with your Macbook Pro. But, sometimes, you need to access a file on a Windows shared folder. In this case, you need to connect remotely to that Windows machine and access it shared folder. This tutorial is to show you how to connect your Mac OS […]

Enable VNC Server on Mac OS 10.x

VNC is a free tool that allows you to remotely manage a computer. VNC could be installed on various types of OS, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. This tutorial is to show you how to enable VNC Sharing feature on a Mac OS 10.x to allow you to connect remotely to the computer. […]

Uninstall Symantec Antivirus without password

Old Symantec antivirus clients with expired virus signature update becomes a heavy burden for your system. Sometimes, old Symantec versions are also the targets of virus malicious software attacks. This tutorial is to show you how to rudely uninstall Symantec Enterprise Antivirus from your computer without entering the uninstall-password. Usually, Symantec Enterprise Antivirus or Symantec […]

Factory Reset Fortinet Box

This tutorial is to show you how to reset your Fortinet box back to factory settings. Every configuration is reset to default setting, and your Fortinet box is blank of policy or any settings that you created. Firmware versions: 3.x and 4.x Execute these commands in command line mode from your Java windows, or from […]

Create and Connect VPN Connection on Mac OS 10.4

Creating a new PPTP VPN Connection on Mac could cover multiple articles because different Mac OS versions. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create and connect a PPTP VPN connection on Mac OS version 10.4. With PPTP VPN (or Dial-in VPN), remote users could work anywhere (Home, School Campus, or Starbuck Coffee,…). […]

Compress Files and Folder to Zip on Mac OS 10.4

This tutorial is to show you how to compress files and folders on Mac OS. Mac OS has built-in feature to compress files and folder to standard zip files, so you don’t have to pay a penny for a third-party software. These zip files could be opened on Windows or Linux machine later. Some more […]

Winmail.dat received on iPhone mail

You’re using iPhone, iPad to send and receive emails. One day, you receive an attachment named Winmail.dat instead of Word, Excel, or PDF files. This happens on Apple devices sometimes. And now, you would like to view the attachment and prevent it from happening in the future. Keep going, this tutorial is to show you […]

How to create PPTP VPN Connection on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

This tutorial is to show you how to connect your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to the company network using PPTP VPN. To begin with creating a new PPTP VPN Connection, you must have this information ready: VPN Server: IP address of the VPN server, or DNS Name of VPN Server Username and password to authenticate with VPN Server. […]