Articles from May 2012

Fortigate – Configure IPTrust for Spam Filter

You can configure Fortigate firewall as a spam filter firewall based on some criterias, such as Fortinet Spam Submission (if you’re subscribed with a valid support contract), IP list, domain list,…But remember that adding spam filter profile to Fortigate, it means you’re adding more works to the firewall. The more important thing is the firewall will […]

Migrate virtual machines using VMWare VMotion

This tutorial is to show you how to move running virtual machines to another VMWare host using VMotion without any downtime. Scenario: Your VMWare cluster with Hight-Availability (HA feature) enabled, one host of the cluster was down unexpectedly, and VMWare HA moved all virtual machines on the ceased host to another host. But, it doesn’t […]

Load Balancing with DNS Round Robin

You have two web servers with two different IP. These two web servers use the same central storage that contains web code and database. And now, you would like to load balancing those two web servers to serve clients. There are some ways to achieve it, such as establishing a cluster of two web servers, […]

Publish attributes to Global Catalog

Global Catalog contains the information of certain objects from forest wide level. It means looking for some information within Global Catalog is quicker than searching entire Active Directory from different domains. Global Catalog holds common pieces of information (attributes) of all domains of the entire Active Directory forest without referral to a physical domain controller […]

Knock out a network with MAC addresses

You’re a busy network administrator with routers, firewall, and Active Directory policies, etc. You might forget about one important basic thing of network: MAC address. Wrongly configured MAC address of a network device could knock down partial or entire network. MAC address or physical address are used to identify the network interface card (NIC) of […]

Download – Install Windows XP Mode in Windows 7

Windows 7 sometimes doesn’t support compatibility back to native Windows XP SP2 or SP3. Windows XP Mode allows you to run an application under a native Windows XP environment. Or, you can choose to download Microsoft Virtual PC to have a real Windows XP Sp3 virtual machine running on your Windows 7. This Windows XP is free […]

Install and Manage VMWare ESXi 5.0 – Free version

VMWare ESXi 5.0 (or VMWare Hypervisor) is free. That’s the coolest feature that anyone could download and install VMWare ESXi 5.0. Comparing with VMWare Server, VMWare ESXi 5.0 is the bare-metal virtualization that is installed directly on physical server hardware without the needs of support operating system, such as Windows or Linux. The only limitation […]

Enable Global Catalog on a Domain Controller

Enabling Global Catalog service on a domain controller to make it keep a all partitions of all domains in the Active Directory forest. By default, the first domain controller in Active Directory forest is Global Catalog server. You could enable Global Catalog service on additional domain controllers to implement performance and fail-over capability. Why performance? […]

Global Catalog is not replicating

Global Catalog is a domain controller that store a writable partition for its current domain, and partial read-only replica of all domain in the forest. In one forest, at least, one Global Catalog server must exist to serve certain functions, such as user login, search for directory objects, adding new users or groups to a domain, and […]

Could not change computer identification

Windows 2003 gives you this error message networking is not installed or is not properly configured, and you could not change computer’s identification such as renaming or disjoining from domain. The identification of the computer cannot be changed because networking is not installed or is not properly configured It’s disgusting, but here are the steps to […]