Articles from June 2012

Error: cannot run executable files from Windows Explorer

In Windows Server 2003, sometimes, you might encounter this error message Windows cannot access the specified device, path, of file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.   There are some reasons that cause this problem, but the common reason is Windows blocks the file from being executed. To fix this […]

Recover VMWare ESX root password

Follow this tutorial in the case that you completely forgot the root password. You need physical access to the server. The main key is to boot the ESX into a single user mode mode, and execute the passwd command to change root password. For version ESX 3.x and newer Reboot the ESX host. At the […]

Install VMWare ESX on a virtual machine

Yes, it’s for testing purposes only. Installing multiple VMWare ESX servers on a physical server could help you to build a fancy lab network for testing and studying. The idea is to install VMWare ESX on a virtual machine provided by a physical VMWare ESX or ESXi. The installation process is pretty straight as described […]

Step by step – How to install VMWare ESX 4.0

This tutorial is to show you step-by-step with screenshots of how to install VMWare ESX 4.0 on a server. I will install ESX in graphical mode. The overall process is just exactly the same with installing a new Linux OS. Boot up the server with Installation DVD downloaded from Select Install ESX in graphical […]

Change VMWare ESX, ESXi root password

This tutorial is to show you how to change root password for VMWare ESX and ESXi. For ESX Servers Login to ESX host using either SSH or direct physical console using root account. Issue this command to change password Enter and retype the new password. It’s recommended to use a complex password (but not too […]

Find the place in a picture on Google Map

You might have the need to know where is the place in a photo is. Try this method, some photos could contain geo-tag information (EXIF information) that helps to locate the place where the photo is taken. Not all photos could be located. Most photos captured with iPhone or high-end cameras with GPS system built-in […]

Force a remote machine to join domain

To join a machine to a domain, you could do it manually by logging on that local machine using local administrator account, and join it to a domain. Or, you can force it to join a domain remotely from your workstation, using NETDOM utility. There are three requirements that must be satisfied before using this […]

Remote Administrative Tools Pack for Windows

To manage Windows machines remotely, you need to have a tool and administrative credentials. Windows 2003 have its own ADMINPAK.MSI package, but not the others. Here are the link to download the Remote Administrative Tools Pack for different Windows versions Remote Management Tools Pack Windows XP: Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 Administration Tools Pack. […]

Commands to run Control Panel applets

It’s good to know some command lines if you want to be a professional network/system administrator. Here are some command that you could run a Control Panel applet from RUN menu or command line. control access.cpl to run Accessibility Options sysdm.cpl to run System Properties appwiz.cpl to run Add/Remove Programs timedate.cpl to run Date/Time Properties desk.cpl to run Display […]

Build the first Domain Controller with Windows Server 2003

To build a domain controller in Windows Server (2000, 2003, and 2008) is easy with wizards, but the more important is to understand the meaning of why we have to implement Active Directory (domain controller) in our network? Implementing Active Directory is to serve two purposes: Centralized management of resources: user accounts, computer accounts, printers, […]