Articles from July 2012

Install and configure Routing and Remote Access on Windows Server 2008 R2

Routing and Remote Access service on Windows Server 2008 R2 allows you to enable and configure dial-in access or VPN access. End users could utilize these remote access services to connect to corporate network while they’re on a trip or from home. There are two options for end users to connect to corporate network depend […]

Create a new routing VLAN for Dell PowerConnect 6248 switch

I assume that your just have a new toy, Dell PowerConnect 6248 PoE switch, and you want to configure a manage IP for remote management. But, when you assign the IP address to VLAN 1, you bumped into this error message ERROR: Routing is not allowed on the Management VLAN. The reason is because the […]

Delphi HttpWebRequest with custom fields

In previous post, I demonstrated how to program a small utility to crawl a website content (HttpWebRequest with GET method in Delphi .net). In this tutorial, I will show you an advanced step to add custom HTTP fields to HttpWebRequest header. One common field that you will need to add when working with AJAX application […]

Enable SSH server on Dell PowerConnect switch

Dell PowerConnect has Cisco IOS inside the box, so it’s pretty common to fully configure the entire switch if you are already familiar with Cisco commands. The price of the box is also pretty cheap. I personally tested the durability of a 24/7 Gbps switch (multiple models), it has been running for more than 2.5 […]

Ignore security checking for certain IP in MDaemon

If you’re using MDaemon Mail Server, and you would like to receive mails from some vendors that using machine generated email addresses, and these addresses are not valid email addresses, then follow this tutorial to skip security checking routines for those vendors. But, what is an invalid email address? An invalid email address with MDaemon […]

Installing MDaemon Mail Server 12.56

MDaemon Mail Server is a good messaging solution for small and medium business. MDaemon supports multiple functions of a good messaging server should have Basic mail server features with a detailed logging information Webmail Client Remote Administration Instant Messenger BlackBerry Connectivity Email Archiving Exchange Migration Mobile Device Solutions With the default installation, MDaemon supports only […]

Install vCenter Server 4.1 on Windows Server 2003

To efficiently manage VMWare vSphere hosts, you need to purchase and install VMWare vCenter Server 4.1. With vCenter Server, you can manage vSphere hosts at an enterprise level, such as implementing HA cluster, VMotion, Data Motion, or anything that an ideal VMWare cluster must have. In another words, VMWare vCenter Server is the central management […]