Articles from September 2012

Reset Cisco WAP2000 to factory default settings

There are two ways to reset the Cisco WAP2000 wireless back to factory default settings. The first method is to use the web link, and the second method is to push the reset button at the back of the router. But, in some cases, you pressed the reset button, the wireless light went out, and […]

Open folders in the same window in Linux

In Linux, by default, when you double click on a folder, a new window pop up with the content of that folder. That’s annoying because you would have multiple windows on your screen when you browse your folder and files. Now, you want to open sub-folders in the same window of the parent folders in […]

Working with NTFS in Linux

In Linux, you could not by default view or modify NTFS partitions. To access NTFS permission, you have some options to go around it, but the following method seems to be the easier way to finish the problems. The method is to install NTFS-3G application. It will help you to mount a NTFS partition as […]