Articles from August 2016

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Makes IT Easier

New role assigned and increasing demands placed have pressured IT departments to look for better ways to deploy IT in the data center. Hyperconvergence infrastructure is not only a method but also one of the fastest – growing ones today. Gartner expects hyperconverged market to reach $5 billion in 2019 and to become the leading […]

How To Use Cloud Storage Services Effectively

In recent years, the term “cloud” is often mentioned in the mass media as a technological revolution on the Internet. Cloud Storage is one of the most popular “cloud” services today. This article will analyzes and suggest some ways to use free cloud storage service efficiently and safely. What is cloud storage? Cloud storage is […]

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: New Solution for Enterprise Environments

What Is VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure? VDI stands for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure phrase; it is the solution that allows the supply of working environment on the virtualization platform, it is going to help clients free working environment does not depend on the physical device, the VDI activities in the Server-Client model. The client will […]

Socket Programming with C#

In this article, we will learn the basics of socket programming using C#. Secondly, we will create a small sample consisting of a server and a client which will communicate using TCP protocols. You can download the solution package for this example at the bottom of the post. About TCP/IP There are two types of […]

6 Cloud Storage Solutions For Small Businesses

Cloud storage service could be the savior for your business. When any emergency occurs, none of device next to you and you do not know when it your documentation will be accessed on the path. Although your equipments are damaged, lost or stolen and you need to see your documents urgently, cloud storage service is […]

Skype for Business – The dawn of modern meeting

When hearing this name the first time, many people think that “Well, Skype has another version for businessmen, but it’s none of my business”. Basically, they are right. Skype and Skype for Business share almost the same identical interface, main functions such as videoconferencing, instant messaging for business or personal use, etc. But if it’s […]

MMC error “The module “schmmgmt.dll” loaded but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80040201″

When attempting to register the Active Directory Schema Snap-in (also known as the Schema Console or Schema MMC console) using Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2008 R2, you may need to run the command from an elevated command prompt. Otherwise, you could see the following error after running the registration command regsvr32 schmmgmt.dll […]

Extract string from string using C#

The code spinet below allows you to extract any substring from a bigger string. The usage is very easy, just enter the “start string” and the “end string”. The result will be any string in between these two tags. The function also has 2 additional arguments where you can indicate the position of the tags […]

Get the unix timestamp in C#

Unix timestamp is the count of total seconds since 1970-01-01 to the current time. This number does not depend on the location where you’re executing the code. So, no worries about the timezone. It’s very easy to get Unix timestamp from C#. You can use DateTime.UtcNow and subtracting for the Epoch time of 1970-01-01. 1 […]