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Hyperconverged Infrastructure Makes IT Easier

New role assigned and increasing demands placed have pressured IT departments to look for better ways to deploy IT in the data center. Hyperconvergence infrastructure is not only a method but also one of the fastest – growing ones today. Gartner expects hyperconverged market to reach $5 billion in 2019 and to become the leading […]

Ignore security checking for certain IP in MDaemon

If you’re using MDaemon Mail Server, and you would like to receive mails from some vendors that using machine generated email addresses, and these addresses are not valid email addresses, then follow this tutorial to skip security checking routines for those vendors. But, what is an invalid email address? An invalid email address with MDaemon […]

Installing MDaemon Mail Server 12.56

MDaemon Mail Server is a good messaging solution for small and medium business. MDaemon supports multiple functions of a good messaging server should have Basic mail server features with a detailed logging information Webmail Client Remote Administration Instant Messenger BlackBerry Connectivity Email Archiving Exchange Migration Mobile Device Solutions With the default installation, MDaemon supports only […]

Enable Global Catalog on a Domain Controller

Enabling Global Catalog service on a domain controller to make it keep a all partitions of all domains in the Active Directory forest. By default, the first domain controller in Active Directory forest is Global Catalog server. You could enable Global Catalog service on additional domain controllers to implement performance and fail-over capability. Why performance? […]

Installing and Configuring DHCP Server in Windows Server 2008 R2

DHCP Server is a built-in service in Windows Server family. It is used to release dynamic IP to network clients, including domain members and workgroup clients. For a small network, DHCP is not important, but in a huge environment where IP management is a pain, DHCP plays an important role in network management. DHCP Service […]