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Policy-based Routing in Cisco Routers

As I said in my previous article, Policy-based Routing on Fortigate Firewall, I now publish this article about policy-based routing on Cisco routers. Normally, routing is based on destination network/host to route the traffic to next-hop router. In some cases, you will need to define a smaller set of rules, such as traffic originated from certain […]

Policy-based Routing on Fortigate Firewall

As a firewall, Fortigate must know which next-hop to send the traffic to. The routing information is maintained by routing tables in a Fortigate box. Basically, routing table indicates which interface and next-hop IP address to redirect the traffic to based on destination host or network. As said, routing table satisfies you in case your […]

Install and configure Routing and Remote Access on Windows Server 2008 R2

Routing and Remote Access service on Windows Server 2008 R2 allows you to enable and configure dial-in access or VPN access. End users could utilize these remote access services to connect to corporate network while they’re on a trip or from home. There are two options for end users to connect to corporate network depend […]

Build the first Domain Controller with Windows Server 2003

To build a domain controller in Windows Server (2000, 2003, and 2008) is easy with wizards, but the more important is to understand the meaning of why we have to implement Active Directory (domain controller) in our network? Implementing Active Directory is to serve two purposes: Centralized management of resources: user accounts, computer accounts, printers, […]

Install and configure DNS Server for Domain Controllers on Windows 2003

DNS Server on Windows Server 2003 is to resolve DNS Names to IP addresses and reversed. From Windows 2000, Active Directory acquires the hierarchical naming structure as the name of Active Directory (and its partitions). For that reason, an internal DNS Server is required to store and resolve Active Directory information. Moreover, internal DNS Server […]

Load Balancing with DNS Round Robin

You have two web servers with two different IP. These two web servers use the same central storage that contains web code and database. And now, you would like to load balancing those two web servers to serve clients. There are some ways to achieve it, such as establishing a cluster of two web servers, […]

Knock out a network with MAC addresses

You’re a busy network administrator with routers, firewall, and Active Directory policies, etc. You might forget about one important basic thing of network: MAC address. Wrongly configured MAC address of a network device could knock down partial or entire network. MAC address or physical address are used to identify the network interface card (NIC) of […]

Basic Fortigate Firewall Configuration

If you want to equip your network with an affordable firewall and easy administration, Fortigate is a right choice for you. Fortigate firewall ranges from 20C to 5000 series with chassis for service providers networks. For a medium company, a Fortigate 200B is powerful enough to handle up to 10,000 concurrent sessions and multiple 100Mbps […]

A free FortiManager Demo

If you want to have a free ride with FortiManager to se how it looks, Fortinet offers a free portal for you. FortiManager could control all Fortinet security appliances, from FortiClients to FortiGate, FortiMail, etc. Go to this website, fill in your information After filling the form, you could login with this information Site […]

Factory Reset Fortinet Box

This tutorial is to show you how to reset your Fortinet box back to factory settings. Every configuration is reset to default setting, and your Fortinet box is blank of policy or any settings that you created. Firmware versions: 3.x and 4.x Execute these commands in command line mode from your Java windows, or from […]