Create a new routing VLAN for Dell PowerConnect 6248 switch

I assume that your just have a new toy, Dell PowerConnect 6248 PoE switch, and you want to configure a manage IP for remote management. But, when you assign the IP address to VLAN 1, you bumped into this error message

ERROR: Routing is not allowed on the Management VLAN.

The reason is because the firmware on this switch is a Cisco firmware, and it does not allow you to assign IP or routing entries to default VLAN 1, unless you create and configure another VLAN for management.

Alright, in this case, I don’t want to mess up with the default VLAN 1 of the switch. I will create a VLAN 250 (or anything other than 1), assign an IP address to it, enable routing, and make it work as a remote management IP for the switch. For a clear example, look at the following diagram. I’m from a host at the VLAN 1 network, IP address The router R1 in the middle of the network will help me to access the remote management IP on the Switch02 on VLAN 250, IP address On the switch, I have to enable VLAN 250 as the routing VLAN, and most importantly, enable ip routing on global configuration of Switch02.

Dell PowerConnect 6248

The following commands should be executed on Switch02, Dell PowerConnect 6248 PoE switch.

Enable IP routing on Dell PowerConnect 6248

PLAINTUTSWITCH02#config //Enter global configuration mode

PLAINTUTSWITCH02(config)#vlan database //Enter VLAN database on the switch

PLAINTUTSWITCH02(config-vlan)#vlan 250 //Create a new VLAN id 250, you can create any number here from 2 to 4093

PLAINTUTSWITCH02(config-vlan)#exit //Exit back to global configuration mode

PLAINTUTSWITCH02(config)#interface vlan 250 //Enter the interface mode of VLAN 250

PLAINTUTSWITCH02(config-if-vlan250)#routing //Enable this VLAN as routing VLAN for the entire switch

PLAINTUTSWITCH02(config-if-vlan250)#ip address //Assign an IP address to this new VLAN. This is the management IP for this VLAN

PLAINTUTSWITCH02(config-if-vlan250)#name ManagementVLAN //Name this new VLAN as ManagementVLAN

PLAINTUTSWITCH02(config-if-vlan250)#exit //Exit back to global configuration mode

PLAINTUTSWITCH02(config)#ip routing //THE MOST IMPORTANT COMMAND – This command enables ip routing feature of the switch. Without this command, there is no routing.

PLAINTUTSWITCH02(config)#ip route //Add the default gateway for the switch. This gateway must be on the same network with the routing VLAN interface.

The most important command line in the previous configuration is the global IP ROUTING. This command enables the routing feature on the PowerConnect switch, so your next command, IP ROUTE, will take effect immediately. Otherwise, the switch will not respond to your incoming traffic targeted to IP.

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  1. Denis Ricard says:

    Good day,
    I am getting error when trying to put an IP on a vlan (Dell poer Connect 6248).

    CommCab_6248_Hypertec_VLANS(config)#interface vlan 24

    CommCab_6248_Hypertec_VLANS(config-if-vlan24)#ip address 255.255.255

    Subnet conflict between specified IP Address and current configuration.
    All routing interfaces, service ports and network ports must be configured on
    different subnets.


    It will work is I use a differant vlan number.
    Is there a way to clear every thing on that vlan? I tried to delete it and recreat it but same error.

    Thank you

    • Hao Nguyen says:


      Dell switch does have an IP address for its global configuration as well as individual VLANs. It looks like you have subnet conflicts between your VLANs, or between the current VLAN with the global IP address. You might check the global configuration of the switch for the IP address and clear it.

      Hope it helps.

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