Enable SSH server on Dell PowerConnect switch

Dell PowerConnect has Cisco IOS inside the box, so it’s pretty common to fully configure the entire switch if you are already familiar with Cisco commands. The price of the box is also pretty cheap. I personally tested the durability of a 24/7 Gbps switch (multiple models), it has been running for more than 2.5 years with no single problem or overheat.

Anyway, this tutorial is to show you how to enable SSH on the switch. SSH is way better than Telnet as a remote management service. To enable SSH on a Dell PowerConnect switch, you must generate a DSA crypto key, not RSA key as you usually did on Cisco devices.

Enable SSH on Dell PowerConnect switch

PlainTutSW01(config)#crypto key generate dsa 

DSA key generation started, this may take a few minutes………………………………………
DSA key generation complete.

PlainTutSW01(config)#ip ssh server

PlainTutSW01(config)#line ssh

PlainTutSW01(config-ssh)#login authentication default

PlainTutSW01(config-ssh)#password YourPasswordHere



PlainTutSW01#copy running-config startup-config

It’s pretty simple. The key step here is to generate a DSA key to use with SSH. If you created a RSA as you used to do on Cisco switches, you might see this error message

SSH error message

PlainTutSW01(config)#crypto key generate rsa

RSA key generation started, this may take a few minutes……..
RSA key generation complete.

PlainTutSW01(config)#ip ssh server

SSH could not be enabled.

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