Factory Reset Fortinet Box

This tutorial is to show you how to reset your Fortinet box back to factory settings. Every configuration is reset to default setting, and your Fortinet box is blank of policy or any settings that you created.

Firmware versions: 3.x and 4.x

Execute these commands in command line mode from your Java windows, or from CLI. If you need help about connecting to Fortinet using a serial cable, click here.

No way to go back
Please backup your configuration before you execute these commands because all configuration will be lost, and there is no way to go back if you don’t have a good backup
Reset Fortinet to factory settings

PLAINTUTFW01 # execute factoryreset
This operation will reset the system to factory default!
Do you want to continue? (y/n)y
System is resetting to factory default…
The system is going down NOW !!


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Hao Nguyen

Hao Nguyen

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  1. Bunmi says:

    Hello Nao, You have done a great job by sharing your experience with IT/Network guys in the world.

    Currently, I’m having issue with my fortigate 200B GUI. It normally freezes until I restart the device. I’m not too good with CLI. Kindly advise on what to do to resolve this issue or what could be the reason for the unusual freezing.

    Thanks, while waiting for your quick response.

    • Hao Nguyen says:

      Hi Bunmi,

      The Fortigate 200B GUI interface with older firmware version got some minor bugs in it. I had to upgrade some of mines to the newest version, and it fixed all of those problems. I didn’t encounter the freezes problem when restarting the box, but I believe it’s one of the problems with old firmwares.

      Hao Nguyen

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