Find the place in a picture on Google Map

You might have the need to know where is the place in a photo is. Try this method, some photos could contain geo-tag information (EXIF information) that helps to locate the place where the photo is taken. Not all photos could be located. Most photos captured with iPhone or high-end cameras with GPS system built-in will save EXIF information to the picture.

To view EXIF information of a picture, you need a tool. Install EXIF Viewer add-on for Firefox, or use this website to locate the place in the picture. You could upload the picture from your computer, or link directly by its URL.

Upload a picture from your computer, and it will show you the location where the picture is taken.

Website interface

Scrolling down to the bottom of the page, you should see a Google map showing the real location of the picture.

If you don’t see any Google map, at all, it means the picture doesn’t have geo-tag information.

Where is the map???
Photos captured by iPhone but have been processed by a software (Yahoo Messenger, Photoshop, Facebook, etc) won’t keep the geo-tag information.

Let try, and have some surprises!

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