Install VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone

What is VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone?

If you love virtualization , and you want to convert existing physical machines to virtual machines, then VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone is a right tool for you. VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone 5.0 is the latest free version from VMWare. With this tool, you can convert various sources to running virtual machine images.

VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone 5.0 supports source machines, including: physical machines (both Windows and Linux – good news), VMWare virtual machines, Third-party virtual machines (such as Hyper-V – the biggest competitor of VMWare). Moreover, Symantec backup Ghost images could be converted to “live” virtual machines as well!

The destination of the converted virtual machines could run on different VMWare products, such as VMWare vSphere, VMWare ESXi (a free version of vSphere), VMWare Workstation, and VMWare Fusion (MacOS version).

VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone

Do I need to have VMWare vCenter to use VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone?
No. You do not need VMWare vCenter to install and use VMWare Converter Standalone. VMWare Converter could be downloaded and installed on any of your computers in the network. The machine with VMWare Converter works as a man-in-the-middle of the sources and VMWare Servers.

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Download VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone

To download VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone, you need to register an account with

Follow this link to have more information about registration and downloading. It would take you about 5 minutes to complete.

Is VMWare vCenter Converter free?

Yes. VMWare vCenter Converters is completely free (even for business use). It could be a good solution for personal use also. For example, you could use VMWare Converter to convert a physical machine and run it on VMWare Player. VMWare Player + VMWare Converter = FREE.

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Where can I install VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone?

On any machines of your choice. You do not have to install VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone on the vCenter (if you have one). Look at the picture below, you could see where VMWare vCenter Converter is installed.

Where to install VMWare vCenter Converter in network

What is VMWare Converter Bootable CD?
Previous VMWare Converter versions have a standalone bootable CD to convert physical Linux machines to virtual machines. But on this new version, 5.0, VMWare Converter Bootable CD is not necessary because physical Linux machine now can be converted on the fly.

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How to install VMWare vCenter Converter

The installation steps are extremely simple.

Just double click on the .exe file you just downloaded

  • Click Next
  • Click Agree on the License Agreement screen, make sure you do not violate any of their terms
  • At Setup Type screen, you could be confuse a little right here. Just leave Local installation and hit Next to let the install wizard do the rest.

The installation process is finished. Now, you can enjoy the new toy.

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Are you still thinking about Client-Server installation mode?

You can install this mode if you want to control this VMWare Converter Server from another machine. On the machine where you will use to control a remote VMWare Converter Server, you just need to install Local installation mode. Look at the picture below, you will clearly understand what I just said.

VMWare Converter Client-Server installation

The machine with Local installation is where you will use the VMWare Converter tool to control the remote VMWare Converter with agent installed.

To connect to a more VMWare Converter server, you must have the username and password to connect to that machine. Here is a quick guide of how to connect to a remove VMWare Converter server.

Do these steps when you are in VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone tool

  • Click menu Administration –> Connect to another server

Connect to a remote VMWare Converter

  • The next step is to specify the remote server’s IP address, username, and password to login.

Connect to a remote VMWare vCenter Converter Server

Now, you are on the track again. On your screen, you still have the same VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone tool, but the content is from the remote machine. In my case, it is from

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