Installing MDaemon Mail Server 12.56

MDaemon Mail Server is a good messaging solution for small and medium business. MDaemon supports multiple functions of a good messaging server should have

Basic mail server features with a detailed logging information

  • Webmail Client
  • Remote Administration
  • Instant Messenger
  • BlackBerry Connectivity
  • Email Archiving
  • Exchange Migration
  • Mobile Device Solutions

With the default installation, MDaemon supports only the first 3 features listed above.

This tutorial is to show you how to install the first MDaemon Mail Server on a server (with internet connection). You can apply this tutorial to install a mail server in your local network (mail online, mail offline), or install a mail server for a remote rental server at your ISP location.

My MDaemon version is 12.5.6

  1. Execute the EXE installation file to run the setup wizard
  2. Click Next to skip the Welcome dialog.
  3. Check to agree the End User License Agreement
  4. Click Next to continue
  5. Select the destination folder for MDaemon. The default folder is C:\MDaemon. This folder will contain all information about your MDaemon Mail Server, such as users mailboxes, folders, log files, etc.Default installation folder of MDaemon
  6. Click Next to continue
  7. Enter your product serial number into the Registration Keybox.MDaemon installation step 7
  8. Click Next to continue
  9. You might go over some additional steps here to fill in your personal and working information. Just fill in your information and click Next buttons.
  10. Ready to install dialog appears. Just click Next to finish the copying files process.

The next steps are to configure MDaemon Mail Server settings, such as domain names, administrator account, DNS Servers, etc.

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  1. Sam says:

    Hi Hao Nguyen,

    I found you from website “Installing MDaemon Mail Server 12.56”.
    Can I ask some quesiton for MDaemon, thank you.

    1) Can we have a corporate signature file of each email (except send to local domain)? eg.local domain to [email protected] will NOT get this signature file.
    2) How can we set this rule in “Content Filter” on MDaemon?
    How can check each sender/ recipient/cc/ bcc (because one email may contain lots receipients) ?

    Thank you for your help !

    B. regards,
    (In Hong Kong)
    [email protected]

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