Migrate virtual machines using VMWare VMotion

This tutorial is to show you how to move running virtual machines to another VMWare host using VMotion without any downtime.

Scenario: Your VMWare cluster with Hight-Availability (HA feature) enabled, one host of the cluster was down unexpectedly, and VMWare HA moved all virtual machines on the ceased host to another host. But, it doesn’t move back to the ceased host after it recovers to online state. To move virtual machines back to the recovered host, you have to use VMotion and execute the tasks manually.

To perform the following tasks, your VMWare license must include VMotion in the package. Moreover, the source and destination hosts must have identical hardware and CPU configuration.

Move virtual machines with VMotion

  • Right click on the virtual machine that you want to move
  • Select Migrate…
Migrating virtual machine with VMotion
  • Select option Change host

Change host with VMotion

  • Select datacenter and VMWare host where you want to manage the selected virtual machine. Make sure the Compatability has the message Validation succeeded.
Compatibility Checking
  • Click Next
  • Select the default option Reserve CPU for optional VMotion performance (Recommended)
Migrating virtual machine with VMotion
  • Click Next
  • Click Finish

The VMotion process will run immediately if there is enough CPU resource on the destination (target) VMWare host.


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