Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: New Solution for Enterprise Environments

What Is VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

VDI stands for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure phrase; it is the solution that allows the supply of working environment on the virtualization platform, it is going to help clients free working environment does not depend on the physical device, the VDI activities in the Server-Client model. The client will connect to the server via remote desktop.

The solution provider is a major VDI: VMWare, Oracle, Microsoft, Citrix….

Why Do You Need to Use The VDI :

There are three main reasons that you might use :

  • Reducing the cost

–    Reduce initial investment costs of equipment

–    Reduce management costs

–    Reducing power consumption costs

–    Save storage resources and avoid waste

  • Increasing the management ability

–    Increase system scalability

–    Increased management focus

  • Increasing secure ability

–    Increase management focus

–    Increase system scalability

Currently, desktop systems have revealed its limitations in the IT infrastructure of enterprises. Along with the rapid development of virtualization solutions, cloud computing, Samsung has launched a line of products Cloud Sync Master line -a computer screen ( PC monitor ), with technology and new ideas. Samsung Sync Master Cloud in conjunction with VMWare’s virtualization solutions, enabling enterprises to overcome the disadvantages of the line desktop normally, help businesses save costs and time to operate this system

 The Challenge From the Old Computing Model

Many companies are having to deal with new security risks and support for the number of users of mobile electronic devices is increasing. Enterprises must also support the growing number of employee-owned resources of the business machines such as using company computers at home (e.g., laptop) for personal work.

Regarding software such as computer applications require upgraded constantly, the user automatically installs personal software, data protection, as well as update (backup) data … they all become very complicated if individuals themselves or the system administrator must do on every computer in the office.

These jobs often spend a long time to implement and test many businesses pay the price for the irresponsibility of employees when they ignore the steps to upgrade or update applications and software patches. If enterprises need to upgrade the operating system, new software, before implementing the conversion process, the company will have to check if the computer meets the new operating system is not, what software will be transferred to the new operating system, the software still runs on the current operating system …

All these problems range from software upgrades, patch updates, and data backup protection, computer security … helps us to see that manage the computer systems that consume IT physical resources of enterprises much like how.

New Environment: Virtualized Computing Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (virtualized computing infrastructure – VDI) is a platform in which the computer’s operating system and applications inside the virtual machines on servers located in the data center. Users will access the virtual desktops and applications from a PC or zero thin client or zero clients using a remote display protocol and has been almost fully functional as when you are using the desktop managers.

The difference here is that virtual machines are managed centrally from the data center. Similar to server virtualization, VDI brings many benefits to businesses. Especially the computer management and system administration tasks is significantly reduced, the application can quickly add new, remove, upgrade, patch updates, centralized security and protection / data backup becomes easier.

Most companies use the previous VDI are facing increasing cost issues and support activities as well as the complex deployment scenarios. For example, Bell Canada has experienced problems led to the decision to use VDI. They must support 8000 operators and face problems about increased support costs as well as hardware problems.

They must give secure systems to the employee at customer sites with up to 400 computers within three weeks. Using VDI, the company was able to quickly deploy the new system, to be managed centrally, reducing TCO while ensuring confidentiality though employees work at customer locations.

Combining Samsung SyncMaster Cloud VMWare View Special solutions are launched version 5, helps businesses simplify management and computer applications to increase security as well as the ability to control.

This solution gives the user many options as a managed service from a virtualization platform built to give you the whole computer with the operating system, applications, and data. It improves the flexibility for IT systems as well as help reduce costs, improve efficiency in the work of the business as well as help “liberate” the user from binding to a single PC.

 Syncmaster Cloud (Zero Client – PCoIP) for VDI

Samsung is one of the first firms to produce the screen Master Cloud Sync is compatible with VMware solutions. These include Model: NC190, NC220, NC240, NS190, NS220, NS240 and has been certified VMWare. Unlike thin client products or portal format, the screen of the Samsung Sync Master Cloud device “zero clients” (no hard drive, CPU, and OS).

Users can connect simply the screen to the network, enter the server address and VMWare View your account to start working. Users can change the height, rotate the screen to the most comfortable viewing angle to obtain high efficiency at work. Because all components are integrated into the screen should minimize the number of cable connections, help tidy corner work and bring more space for users.

With this screen, data is not completely on the computer that is stored in the data center, helping to increase security, reduce the risk of virus infection, leakage of sensitive information of the business. Also, the screen of the Samsung Sync Master Cloud consumes about 60W / hour, much less than with conventional computer thus saving energy and reducing heat is generated and create a greener environment, protect the environment more efficiently

With these advantages, we can say the combination of VMware View and Master Cloud Sync screen – Samsung Zero Client is the optimum solution for businesses to help reduce operating costs, enhance security, increase labor productivity, as well as use of its IT resources in a most reasonable manner

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