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Welcome to Plain Tutorials, a personal blog, where I could share some of my experience with the readers, as well as could learn from your feedbacks. The overall ideas of this blog firstly is to provide the readers free computer courses (MCITP Server Administrator, MCITP Enterprise Administrator, CCNA, Linux+, and Security+).

Free courses mean free of charge. Users do not have to spend a penny to view the videos, download course files, or post any comments.

Secondly, I will have some major sections regarding networking and programming knowledge, such as Delphi and Delphi .net, Delphi with PHP & mysql integration, computer network technical tips (old but unique), Windows command lines, Windows PowerShell Scripts, Linux command lines,…

Thirdly, I will post collections of problems final solutions where I did some tests in real work experience or lab environment. It means the solution posted on my blog was verified by some way to make sure it works for you.

Stay tuned while the website is under development.

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Hao Nguyen

Hao Nguyen

Hello! I'm Hao Nguyen and I'm currently working as a Network Engineer for a small firm in Houston. I enjoy writing technical documents and blog, such as PlanTutorials.com

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